Instrukcja obsługi interfejsu Calibre Uk Ledview725

Instrukcja obsługi interfejsu Calibre Uk Ledview725 jest przydatnym narzędziem, które pozwala użytkownikom korzystać z interfejsu programu Calibre. Instrukcja obsługi zawiera wszystkie potrzebne informacje dotyczące konfiguracji, działania, używania i aktualizacji interfejsu, a także informacje o możliwych problemach i rozwiązaniach. Instrukcja obsługi zawiera również zalecenia dotyczące korzystania z urządzenia i jego funkcji, dzięki czemu użytkownicy mogą w pełni wykorzystać wszystkie jego możliwości. Instrukcja obsługi jest szczególnie przydatna dla użytkowników, którzy dopiero zaczynają korzystać z interfejsu Calibre, ponieważ wszystkie potrzebne informacje można znaleźć w jednym miejscu.

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Instrukcja instalacji oprogramowania:

Instrukcja obsługi oprogramowania:


Oprogramowanie testera diagnostycznego:

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  • Poprzednie wersje oprogramowania diagnostycznego
  • Program LAT do obsługi licencji przenoszonej na kluczu sprzętowym

Listy obsługiwanych aplikacji


  • F – Flash
  • DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code – Odczyt i kasowanie błędów
  • RTD – Real Time Data – Parametry bieżące
  • ACT – Actuators – Elementy wykonawcze
  • ADJ – Adjustment – Regulacje
  • COD – Coding – Kodowanie
  • TEST – Selftest – Auto Testy
  • SLR – Service Light Reset – Kasowanie kontrolki obsługi
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Issue 1. 0. 2

28 March 2006 © Calibre UK Ltd

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Welcome to the Vantage-HD Manual For technical support please see the Home Theater section of our website http://www. calibreuk. com/home_theater. php. If the web site does not provide the information you require, please contact your dealer, installer or distributor in the first instance, or if they are unable to resolve your query please e-mail vantage-support@calibreuk. com. COPYRIGHT & LIMITED WARRANTY This document and the software described within it are copyrighted with all rig

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CONTENTS Contents ii PRODUCT DESCRIPTION................................................................................................................ 1 1. 1. Product Overview................................................................................................ 2. Packing List......................................................................................................... 3. You Will Need..........................................................................
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. Product Overview Vantage-HD is a state of the art digital image processor which provides market leading HD& SD per-pixel multiple Iow-angle aperture-adjusted motion-adaptive de-interlacing and automatic film pull-down correction for 3:2, 2:2 and non-standard and broken cadences, significantly outperforming the capabilities of benchmark competitor products. Vantage-HD features studio-grade image processing algorithms from Teranex for the very best scaling, film
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IF THE REMOTE CONTROL IS TO BE LEFT UNUSED FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME PLEASE REMOVE THE BATTERIES TO PREVENT POSSIBLE DAMAGE CAUSED BY LEAKING 1. 6. Serial Control Vantage-HD has a serial port which allows for the unit to be controlled via an integrated home control system. The connector on Vantage-HD is a 9 way D-Type (female). Pin 2 = Tx Pin 3 = Rx Pin 5 = Ground The type of cable required will depend on your home control system but typically a 9 way Male to 9 way Female conn
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
CONNECTING VANTAGE-HD TO THE DISPLAY DEVICE 2. Correct Installation Order The flow chart below details the correct order in which to install your Vantage-HD, following this order will ensure trouble free installation. Issue 1. 2 28 March 2006 © Calibre UK Ltd Page 3 of 30
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Connect Vantage-HD SVGA (RGBHV) output or HDMI output to your Connect to display device. If connecting a DVI display device you need to use an 1. display device HDMI to DVI converter which we recommend you locate at the display end of the cable. Connect Vantage-HD audio Coaxial, Optical or Analog output to audio processor, if HDMI audio output is not being used. Note: For best audio performance it is recommended that Coaxial or Connect audio Optical audio be used, not HDMI audio.
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Picture 1 Select Display Device Type Choose the correct display resolution by scrolling down to the Resolution menu item and pressing OK to display the list of available modes. Note the scroll bar at the left of the list - it is too long to display the full list on screen so you must scroll up and down it to see all modes. For best performance it is critical that you select a mode which is equal to the native resolution of the display device you are using, provided that the Select d
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Picture 2 Select Display Device Resolution Select the Frame Rate option on the menu. This determines whether the output of Vantage-HD remains at a constant 59. 94Hz, constant 50Hz, or automatically switches between the two depending on the type of incoming signal being displayed Auto mode gives best motion performance in a viewing scenario where you are looking at content which may be 59. 94Hz or 50Hz (North America and anywhere using the NTSC system usually runs at 59. 94Hz, Europe and
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10
When connecting your display via the SVGA (RGBHV) connector it is imperative that the pixel clock and phase settings are correctly adjusted on the menu system of your display device. For information on how to access these features see the user manual supplied with your display device. Note: You must set Vantage-HD to the native resolution of your display device BEFORE adjusting the pixel clock and phase settings on your display. To set the pixel clock, with no input displayed on Vantag
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Warp Correction - only applicable if the chosen display type is Projector. This allows for correction of vertical and horizontal keystone errors caused by misalignment of the projector to the screen. Correction up to +/- 30 degrees vertically and +/-40 degrees horizontally are possible, within the constraints of the chosen native resolution which is dependent on the display device - a higher resolution display device will give better results at more extreme angles of adjustment. Sele
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
CONNECTING VANTAGE-HD INPUTS 3. Introduction It is now necessary to define which input channels are connected and to pair the correct audio channel with each video channel. To begin to do this, scroll down to the Input Connections menu and enter that menu by pressing the right navi-key. By default, no video channels and no audio channels are active. You must define which channels are connected on the Input Connections menu and choose whether or not each video channel has an associat
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Definition of that video input channel is now complete You should now repeat steps 16 to 18 to the define all the remaining video and audio channels you wish to use. When you have finished defining input channels, exit the Input Connections menu using the left navi-key to move back to the main menu on the left of the OSD 3. Resetting An Input Channel This very useful function resets all the input parameters to the default Reset Channel settings for that input channel with the cu
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FREEING INPUT CHANNELS 4. Freeing a Video Channel Should you wish to disable a video input, you may do so by re-selecting that video channel from the Input Connections menu, selecting the Disable Channel function and then selecting Yes from the warning message which appears. Disabling a video input channel not only removes it from the input selections list, it also erases its name and de-allocates its associated audio channel. Note: If all possible input channels are disabled, the O
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SELECTING AN INPUT 5. Via the OSD Now you can choose from the input channels you have defined by scrolling up to the Input Selection menu. Here you will find listed those input channels you have defined. Press the right navi-key to enter the Input Selection menu, then scroll to the input you wish to view or whose configuration you wish to alter. Press OK to select it. 5. Via the Front Panel Alternatively you can step through the defined input channels when the OSD is not displa
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16
ADJUSTING AN INPUT 6. Introduction When an input channel has been selected, an input type dependent Picture Controls menu can be accessed. Note that for this menu to be fully accessible, a valid video input signal MUST be connected to the chosen video input channel. All settings on the Picture Controls menu are stored separately for each input channel and so do not affect the other inputs. Note: Default settings for many items are dependent on the type of input channel and the type o
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A submenu containing selection options for many image enhancement Video Filters filters including (Video input signals only) CCS Cross Chrominance Suppression filter (reduction of chroma-crawl) CUE Chroma Upsampling Error correction filter ICP Interlace Chroma Problem filter - Reduces chroma interlace errors on diagonals and curves TNR Temporal Noise Reduction (removes "electronic" noise found on broadcasts, film material and particularly noticeable on plasma screens; set to
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18
Picture Settings A submenu of picture control functions including Color temperature To select the color temperature of the incoming material. Options are Warm, Neutral, cold. With a 7200K display device (a typical projector or LCD set to neutral) these correspond to nominal settings of 6500K, 7200K & 9300K respectively. For neutral color temperature response, that is, to leave the response of the program material unmodified, select Neutral, this is the default setting Input gamma
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PICTURE IN PICTURE 7. Introduction To enable PIP mode, scroll down the main menu to the Picture-in-Picture Settings menu and press the right navi-key to enter that menu. To enable PIP, scroll to the PIP Enable option and press the OK key. Note: You cannot use the PIP menu successfully without at least two active inputs connected to Vantage-HD. Use the PIP Inputs menu to select which picture is displayed in the Selecting the input PIP window Use the PIP Swap function to swap the p
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Picture In Picture Menu Issue 1. 2 28 March 2006 © Calibre UK Ltd Page 17 of 30

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